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Welcome to Milner!

You have received notice from Ricoh USA that Milner, Inc. will now be providing support and service for the Ricoh printing products you selected to support your organization.  Understandably you have questions. 

You may be wondering, what does this mean for the future of my operation?  Is Milner qualified and equipped to support my printing equipment the same way Ricoh did?  Do I need to look for another solution? 

Milner is one of Ricoh’s largest dealer partners.  We provide support and service to over 30,000 customers just like you in the southeastern USA.  Our support capabilities are the reason Ricoh asked us to assume responsibility for supporting your operations.  Our service pledge to you is we will endeavor to exceed your expectations in that same printing system support.  Your success is very important to us.  In fact, we cannot be successful unless you are.

Ricoh Service Transfer: Frequently Asked Questions