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Desktop and Server Management

When your IT team spends less time on routine maintenance, upgrades and PC configurations, they can focus on more important mission-critical tasks.  Milner Technology Services experts work with you to develop and implement comprehensive management of your platforms and devices. By standardizing systems administration, automating key functions and optimizing everything from your desktops to your servers, you gain a simplified and integrated system that is managed for you.

The result: you spend less on operating costs for a scalable, flexible solution to help you manage your IT infrastructure no matter what your size.

desktop and server managementDesktop and Server Management includes:

  • Consolidating resources
  • Consolidation and elimination of unnecessary resources
  • Automated tracking of software and hardware assets
  • Consistent network configuration
  • Increased infrastructure security
  • Data backup, protection and recovery
  • Optimized performance of IT assets
  • Minimized network downtime
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and helpdesk support

Infrastructure Support

You might be surprised that managing your infrastructure is not always best done in house. For many organizations, outsourced infrastructure support alleviates the burden of ensuring optimized, secure network operations. Infrastructure support is a service that covers a broad range of infrastructure assets that we can help you with, from the ongoing care and keeping of your network to the supplementation of your IT staff. By handing over support functions to our Managed IT Services, you free up your own internal resources to focus on mission-critical tasks while ensuring your systems run optimally at all times.

Infrastructure Support includes:

  • Increased efficiency of IT assets
  • Protection of network and data from external threats
  • Optimal performance of your website – an SEO factor
  • 24/7/365 service and support
  • Consistent delivery of software updates with minimal service interruption
  • Implementation of virtual networks
  • IT staff augmentation


Outsourcing your infrastructure support or desktop and server management could do more than save you hassle – with stronger protection from threats and assurance of the most current resources available, Milner Technology Services can give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Contact us today for a free network analysis.