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  • Why Document Storage Is Not the Same as Document Management

    by K Logan | Mar 23, 2016
    Most core software applications offer the ability to upload and store documents related and attach them to individual records. While it seems like a handy feature, it is not a document management solution and it can create more problems for your organization down the road. Read why.
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  • Is Your Technology Impacting Your Customer Service?

    by K Logan | Mar 16, 2016
    Technology can negatively or positively impact customers. Regardless of the cause, the responsibility – as far as the customer is concerned – rests squarely on the shoulders of your organization. In some cases, you may not realize that your current situation could be having a negative impact. Here are some common customer-facing technology blunders.
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  • 5 Tech Considerations for Moving Your Business

    by K Logan | Mar 08, 2016
    Moving your business to a new location can be stressful. Whether you're adding a new office or moving your entire business to a new space, engaging with IT ahead of time can be immensely helpful. To help you get through the hassle of moving, here are the top 5 technology considerations for moving your business.
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  • How to Encourage Collaboration in Your Organization

    by K Logan | Mar 03, 2016
    The strongest organizations are the ones who have the big picture and have teams willing to work together to reach your objectives. So how do you encourage information sharing and collaboration?
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  • When to Upgrade Your Copier

    by K Logan | Feb 24, 2016
    A copier is one of the unsung technology heroes of the office; an all-in-one hub where printing, copying, scanning and faxing is accomplished on a regular basis. "Good enough” doesn’t do you any favors. Here are some clear indicators that it might be time for an upgrade.
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  • 5 Technologies That Impact HIPAA Compliance

    by K Logan | Feb 16, 2016
    HIPAA is a topic that leaves many medical practices over -confident or overwhelmed. We’ve put together a list of five common technology-related HIPAA blunders that we see during our HIPAA assessments, as well as some tips on how to correct them. By better understanding some of these, you are on your way to improving HIPAA compliance – and further away from audits, data breaches and fines.
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  • 5 Things to Consider When Moving Your Phone System to the Cloud

    by K Logan | Feb 09, 2016
    The number of cloud VoIP users has doubled since 2012, with mobile VoIP is set to reach 1 billion users by next year. Is it time to move your phone system to the cloud? Here are 5 things to consider first.
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  • The Secret to Success You're Missing

    by K Logan | Feb 03, 2016
    Why "if it ain't broke don't fix it" is wrong for business.
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  • Top 5 Hidden Costs of Printing at Work

    by K Logan | Jan 27, 2016
    Your company is likely spending 1-3% of revenue on printing, not including hidden costs like lost productivity. Here are the top 5 hidden costs of printing and what you can do about it.
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  • How Can Technology Improve Business Performance?

    by K Logan | Jan 20, 2016
    Not too long ago, computers were not viewed as necessary. That didn’t stop savvy business owners as seeing that they would increase productivity, provide better customer service, and give them a serious competitive advantage. Today’s technology landscape provides even more technology options that can improve business performance. Here are five areas of business performance and the technology that can improve them.
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  • Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Enough?

    by K Logan | Jan 13, 2016
    Disaster. Anything that brings your network down or wipes out even part of your data can cripple your entire operation. How severe this damage is depends on how fast you can recover. Without a strong disaster recovery plan, you’ll be scrambling for high ground when disaster strikes.
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  • 5 Technologies That Make Teleworking More Productive

    by K Logan | Jan 06, 2016
    Between illnesses, wacky weather and school closures, winter provides plenty of opportunities for teleworking. Many organizations are missing out on telecommuting productivity because they are not leveraging the technologies needed to make teleworking more effective, despite the fact that most of these technologies bring benefits that far outweigh the costs.
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  • 3 Questions to Help You Get More From Your Printers and Copiers

    by K Logan | Dec 22, 2015
    When is a printer more than a printer? When it’s also a copier, scanner and fax machine that can help optimize your business processes, increase your efficiency and save you money. Here are 3 questions that will help you get more mileage out of your printer.
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  • Is Your Phone System Working for You?

    by K Logan | Dec 16, 2015
    Phones are evolving – so much so that they have ceased to be just phones. If you’re not using UC, your phone system is not working for you as much as it could be. Here's why.
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  • Boost Your Network Security Without Breaking the Bank

    by K Logan | Dec 10, 2015
    Your organization shouldn’t have to be an expert in IT just to protect your business and your customers. But if even large corporations are vulnerable to attacks, then how can a small or medium-sized organization hope to protect itself without spending a fortune? Simple – by leveraging the economies of scale. Click to read more.
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  • 4 Steps to Making Technology Work for Your Business

    by K Logan | Dec 01, 2015
    Technology can help your business operate faster, more effectively, and more powerfully. The trick is knowing what technology you need to use and what you can do without. To help you with this process, we put together four steps to making technology work for you.
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  • How Long Can Your Business Afford to Be Offline?

    by K Logan | Nov 18, 2015
    Data loss and downtime can account for staggering losses, yet many organizations are not protected against these scenarios. While data loss climbs, IT managers are less confident than ever about retrieving lost data. Find out how to protect yourself.
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  • 4 Types of Technology That Can Help You Grow

    by K Logan | Nov 13, 2015
    Growing your business can seem scary when you look at the potential costs involved. Fortunately, there are a few ways to grow your organization without breaking the bank. We put together 4 types of technology that can help you grow your business.
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  • Should You Lease or Buy a Copier?

    by K Logan | Nov 05, 2015
    It's a question many businesses ask when they start shopping for a copier, but the answer is not black and white.
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  • 7 Technology Terrors and How To Resolve Them

    by K Logan | Oct 28, 2015
    Possessed printers, phantom phone lines and ink-eating goblins? Sometimes technology can act downright spooky. In the spirit of Halloween, we put together a list of 7 common technology terrors and how to handle them.
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