Do You Really Want to Save Money on Printing?

January 25, 2017

Do You Really Want to Save Money on Printing?

January 25, 2017

Ask almost anyone if they want to save money, they’ll tell you yes. Ask a business owner if they want to cut back on their printing costs and you’ll get an overwhelmingly positive response.
Who wouldn’t want to save money?

And, when you think about it, printing seems like a no-brainer cost to cut. The Gartner Group reports that businesses spend 1-3% of their revenue on printing costs. If you’re a $10 million dollar company, that means you’re spending anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 on printing.

But when confronted with actual ways to save money on print, a lot of companies resist. Why? Everyone likes to save money. But nobody likes change. 

Anyone from the c-suite to the department heads to the workers resist change. When new software is implemented that makes people route high-volume jobs to a more cost-efficient printer on their floor, they balk. When you take away people’s desktop laser printers because they don’t really need them, they get ornery. When you require swipe cards to run printing jobs, people are offended.

In order to start implementing cost-saving strategies around printing, you have to get buy-in from your collective. Here are some ways to do that:

Explain the reasons and benefits: Share with your employees why these changes are occurring and how the service will positively impact the company. You don’t want everyone to think you’re pinching pennies because the company is going under and you want them to feel like they’re partners in the change – not the reason for it.

Incentivize your staff: Give your employees an incentive to get on board. You can have a contest between departments or offer a small cash bonus to people who save the most money. Print management software allows you to empower the employee to make good choices with pop-up prompts that are customizable.

Start small. When you experience resistance to change, don’t try to tackle the whole company. Start with one department or section and share the results with the rest of the company.

Change what you can. Some changes will be met with more resistance than others. Prioritize the changes that matter the most to cost savings and that are most likely to go over well. If you can start realizing savings and people can see the benefits that go along with that, then they’ll be more willing to work with you down the road.

Print management services can save a lot of money and increase productivity. But if your staff is having no part in it, then it’s going to be more of a hassle for you. As much as you want to realize cost savings immediately, it’s important to address the resistance you receive and work with it – not against it. 

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