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Why Hire a Managed Services Provider?

by User Not Found | Jun 27, 2013

They ask the right questions. 

In our prior post we discussed the value, implementation complexity and costs of business virtualization.

The end question was: Is there a simpler way for a company to receive the obvious benefits of virtualization? 

If your company employs between 50 to 1000 employees, the answer is to engage a Managed Services Provider (MSP). 

Reputable MSPs give your business access to the benefits of virtualization faster, smoother and at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Also, they have the experience in many types of network analysis and business process analysis from other virtualization migrations. 

The right MSP delivers more than virtualization implementation experience. They bring knowledgeable and immediate man-power to quickly implement your program. The correct MSP has the needed experience, software, cloud vendors, infrastructure and technical support. You don’t need to hire or train staff, analyze software and vendors or buy hardware for your virtualization program. 

There are four key areas managed in the migration to a virtualized network. Each brings huge benefits, but only if the pieces all work together. 

1. Hardware Virtualization

*Hardware eats up to 40 percent of the usual IT budget in companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. An MSP can set up a Hardware as a Service (Haas) program to lower the threshold of entry and shorten the implementation and budgeting timelines.

2. Operating System (OS) Virtualization

A properly designed OS virtualization by an MSP gives you many benefits. This includes the separation of your applications into discrete secure buckets to improve company security. It provides you with hardware independence, improved resource management and an affordable growth path. A well designed OS virtualization provides a seamless transfer of memory, storage, and network connectivity between your virtual machines. 

3. Application Virtualization

Application virtualization is a broad term for managing the desktop computer. MSPs select the right technologies to virtualize these PCs for your needs. After implementation, MSPs continuously monitor and manage the desktop environment which includes disaster recovery.

All or some of the applications on personal computers and portable devices can be virtualized. This creates a more secure machine and a more complete desktop disaster recovery system. Because no data is saved to the desktop, or if the device is lost, stolen or damaged, there is a smaller chance that any critical data will be irretrievable. MSPs design the security blueprint for your company.

4. Database Virtualization

MSPs design and tweak the software to manage and integrate multiple company systems, applications, file repositories, websites, data vendor services and so on to create a universal virtual common data access point for your employees.

Your staff can efficiently add and retrieve company information. How does this impact your company? For example, an employee can now access inventory, cross reference the billings and check on sales contracts for a report on a daily basis, enabling time leftover for other duties. 

(*'State of SMB IT,' Spiceworks, January 2012.)

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