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Is Your Practice HIPAA Compliant?

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HIPAA risk assessment

Medical practices are required by the HIPAA Security Rule to conduct a risk assessment every year that assesses administrative, physical and technical security needs. This is required regardless of whether a practice is utilizing electronic health records (EHR). Not completing these assessments can trigger audits and fines up to thousands of dollars.

Milner Technology Services provides a free risk analysis that helps your practice identify areas where you might be at risk or are not compliant with HIPAA mandates.

Our risk analysis comes with in-depth reports that help to identify current threats and specific risk areas, along with recommendations for bringing your practice into compliance with HIPAA.

Free analyses include

  • HIPAA Compliance Report 
  • Client Risk Report  (Network)
  • Security Risk Report (Security)

Does your practice need a risk analysis?

Take the quiz online to learn some of the unexpected ways your practice might be in danger of violating the HIPAA Security Rule.

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