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Today’s copiers are typically multifunction devices that can print, photocopy, scan and fax a range of paper-sizes. With easy-to-use interfaces, automated paper feed options and advanced security features, Milner can outfit your organization with the kind of versatility and power you need to meet today’s demands. Our broad selection of copiers from the leading brands in the industry, provide our customers with the ability to select from multiple manufacturers for the copier that works best for their needs.

We serve our clients as consultants to help you select the copier that best meets your needs, regardless of the manufacturer. Through this consultative approach, we put the power in your hands to cut through marketing hype and maximize both productivity and savings.    Contact us to get started.

Color Copiers

Color copiers are an essential tool for the office that produces reports, prints collateral in-house or provides other material that needs to be replicated. These versatile tools can quickly produce high-quality color copies for all of your needs. By working with the leading manufacturers, Milner maintains the latest in color copy technology while offering our customers a broad selection that has something for everyone. 

Black and White Copiers

Maximize your savings in copying and printing with a black and white multifunction copier. Short on color options, our selection of black and white copiers are anything but basic. You skip the expensive toners while still accessing professional features and management tools. These office workhorses efficiently produce exceptional documents in a fraction of the time.

High-Speed Color Copiers

Who wants slow copiers? Even our standard copiers produce at a quick volume, like 21 pages per minute, but when that’s not fast enough, we have a whole fleet of copiers ready to get the job done in a fraction of the time, allowing you to produce documents more efficiently with less energy demands.