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Milner’s selection of printers come from the top names in manufacturing to help you save on time and operating expenses. The standalone printer can have the same low cost-per-page as a multifunction printer, making it an ideal option if scanning, faxing or copying are not needed. With time-saving features like collating and finishing options, these powerhouse printers save you a bundle on time and generate high quality printed documents at an affordable price.

Organizations can maximize their print savings through our print management services, with options to audit paper use, identify the most cost-effective and efficient equipment and monitor employee output to maximize savings potential.

Color Printers

Color printers are the mainstay of many offices, offering a versatile way to manage high volume color print needs without added costs associated from maintaining components like fax, scan and copy that the office might not require. Milner offers a tremendous selection of printers from the top manufacturers. Our consultants will work with you to determine the if a color inkjet printer or color laser printer will best meet your needs and help you select the best printer in the industry to meet your organization's specific needs., depending on employee size, type of use and needed output. 

Black and White Printers

For the maximum savings in printing, a black and white printer might be your best bet. While you still get sophisticated features like collating, sorting and finishing options, you can skip the messy ink cartridges and expensive toners. These workhorse printers generate high-quality documents with a professional finish, allowing your office to efficiently produce exceptional documents in a fraction of the time - without unnecessary added expenses.

High-Speed Printers

Our business-class high-speed printers provide maximum output at a reduced cost. By minimizing the time it takes to print, you can reduce energy overhead costs dramatically. With consistent color accuracy, enhanced black and white production and hefty processors, these high-volume printers produce stunning documents efficiently and reliably.