Reliable, High-Quality Equipment

Your business deserves the very best presentation and collaboration technology to showcase your content and represent your organization professionally. We can provide you with powerful, reliable and versatile solutions to engage with your audience through multiple forms of content. 

Simplistic Room Management

Organize your workspaces the smart way through an intuitive and integrated room scheduling system. Through Extron, the AV technology leader, we can supply your organization with the tools needed to transform meeting spaces with occupancy sensors, integrated software, and easy-to-use equipment. You can also track room usage to give you a full picture of your employees’ collaboration activity.

Present Content With Confidence

Gain control over your multimedia narratives with cutting-edge A/V technologies and digital displays. Our tools can be outfitted wirelessly, giving you the ability to transform any room into the ideal presentation space. With high-definition visual displays and clear audio equipment working in harmony to eliminate distractions, you can give worry-free presentations that will engage your audience or captivate viewers even in high-traffic tradeshows and office lobbies.

Conference room design and integration: 

  • Large-format displays
  • Noise and vibration control
  • Environmental acoustics
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Digital signage
  • Wireless media control systems

Modernize your offices

We can provide your business with creative office solutions to collaborate and communicate information clearly and effectively. With high-resolution displays, digital projectors and signage, and audio equipment from top manufacturers, you can bring your business and meeting rooms into the modern age. Our equipment is more than visually impressive; the tools we have to offer are outfitted with adaptable technology, integrated features, and customizable settings to fit all your audio and visual needs.