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Microfilm and Microfiche Solutions

From public records management to library volumes to sharing information in the classroom, microfilm and microfiche remain a critical technology for sharing information. Milner offers a full-range of microfilm and microfiche solutions for fast; clear rendering of information across multiple micro-graphic formats. Our solutions have the capability to provide a fast, efficient process to retrieve and print information on plain paper, and integrate over-sized originals, bound volumes and micro-form information to shared across  websites, classrooms, records offices and desktop publishing.

MS6000 MK II Microfilm Converter

 The MS6000 MK II is a powerful microfilm conversion machine that's easy to use -- and makes your microfilm and microfiche information more powerful by combining the ability to read on screen, print on paper, and scan and digitize for electronic distribution.

  • 12" x 12" anti-glare screen for a clear, detailed view of your microfilm images
  • Accepts a wide range of film and fiche carriers for microfiche, jackets, aperture cards, 16mm and 35mm film
  • Adjustable image position and alignment, zoom in, enhanced quality and trim and mask scan areas
  • High-resolution PC microfilm scanning - incorporate microfilm information in websites, emails, faxes and desktop
  • High-speed video connection for fast direct printing and optional SCSI-2 connector for PC
  • Microfilm printing and scanning

MS7000 MK II Microfilm Printer

The MS7000 MK II microfilm printer gives you a large widescreen view of microfilm and microfiche originals allowing you to quickly read and review more information on screen, print on paper with the flexibility to scan and digitize microfilm and microfiche documents. 

  • 12" x 17" anti-glare screen for two-page spreads
  • Works with broad range of microfilm and microfiche
  • Check stacking - scan and print check front and back on a single sheet
  • Automated imaging and enhancement features 
  • High-resolution PC scanning
  • Built-in SCSI-2 connector for PC interface 
  • high-speed video connector for fast direct microfilm printing
  • Laser printer and wide-format microfilm printer options

Konica Minolta  Color Book Scanners

PS5000C MKII: The Konica Minolta PS5000C MKII color book scanner that delivers sharp color scans of books and 3D objects up to 2 inches tall. With face-up scanning, the PS5000C MKII helps you protect book bindings and pages while procuring exceptional quality and crisp 24 bit resolution.  

PS7000C MKII:  The PS7000C MKII book scanner is ideal for large books and other bound materials. With superior color scanning and digitizing, this book scanner offers face-up scanning to protect bindings and valuable originals. 

SL1000 Digital Microfilm Scanner 

An ideal replacement for bulky, less-energy efficient analog equipment, the SL1000 is a digital microfilm scanner that accepts microfiche, 16mm and 35mm roll microfilm, 16mm cartridge microfilm (ANSII & M-Type) , aperture cards, micro-opaque cards, color transparencies & negatives up to 35mm. End-users can preview and scan images in color or black and white in as little as one second.

  • 24-bit color output, 8-bit grayscale and 1-bit black and white binary
  • 1 second 300 DPI color scan speed 
  • 360 dpi optical resolution 


The Konica Minolta ScanDIVA scanner makes color scanning fast and simple, with originals in face-up position to protect book bindings and fragile documents. Also, the superior imaging precision and 600 dpi output resolution makes for digitizing highly detailed text and graphics so you can give your clients the best imaging possible.

  • Color scanning: 6 secs. or less
  • Scans 3D objects up to 2” high
  • USB 2.0 interface

The ST ViewScan III System

The ST ViewScan III is the award winning microfilm scanning solution from ST Imaging designed with libraries, governments and businesses in mind. The hardware specifications and  state-of-the-art software were developed to enable any user to quickly find the document they need and send digital files faster.

  • 14 megapixel, USB 3.0 Color Sensor
  • More Ways to Share
  • LED Light
  • Crystal-Clear Glass Field
  • One Click Digital Zoom
  • Easy Film Loading

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