Revitalize Your Archives

Trust your organization’s critical information to be optimally stored and retrieved through Milner’s range of professional microfilm and microfiche solutions. Our top of the line equipment simplifies the process of managing compacted information, with superior features to make high-resolution images and documents easily accessible in digital or print form.


Microfilm and Microfiche Solutions

Microfilm and microfiche is essential for protecting and preserving valuable information in a physical, sturdy format. With our tools, organizations can be certain that every detail of their micro-graphics can be clearly and precisely rendered into multiple sizes and shared across various different platforms.


Convert, Scan, and Print

Professionally managing microfilm requires powerful hardware. Milner offers equipment that is not only impressively robust, but also economical and easy to use technology in a convenient, lightweight frame. Our efficient solutions can process huge volumes of information with incredible speeds and reliable results.

Conversion Equipment

  • Our MS6000 MK II Microfilm Converter allows users to zoom in, enhance quality and adjust image position on a 12” x 12” anti-glare screen. Images can be scanned and incorporated into various software, and fast direct printing options. 

Scanning Hardware

  • Milner offers a selection of microfilm and microfiche high quality scanners that offer a variety of specifications and features that can properly suit your business needs. Our machines have rich displays to reproduce highly detailed images with uncompromising color quality while preserving the integrity of the originals.  

Printing Devices

  • Transform your microfilm and microfiche documents into full scale prints with our MS7000 MK II Microfilm Printer. This printer works with a broad range of microfilm and allows users to view their micro-graphics with clarity on a 12” x 17” widescreen display and produce expressive prints in different sizes, including wide-format.  


Master Your Record Keeping

Our equipment can revolutionize your record and document management. Whether you want to digitalize your micro-graphics into virtual files or simply organize your physical documents, Milner can provide the best device for your business. With our microfilm and microfiche solutions, you can look in the past with clarity and look to the future with certainty.