Stay Connected Anywhere

Today’s workplace is not confined to four walls and a desk. Partnered with Mitel, Milner can provide unified communications no matter where your employees are.


Without compromising privacy, cost, or access to important features, your workforce can be empowered with a fully functional unified communications platform directly through their smartphone - allowing for new levels of flexibility extending the professional identity of your office. Our mobile applications are designed with integration and flexibility in mind and are compatible with most smart phones, giving you the option to bring your own devices to work (BYOD). 

Stay Ahead of the Game

Mobile communications can provide a suite of tools that connect employees no matter where they are, giving them access to the same communications tools that they’d have as if they were in the office.

Mobility Provides:

  • Instant messaging to connect immediately
  • Integration with enterprise directory
  • Phone capabilities extended to mobile devices
  • Collaborate on your mobile device as if you were in the office

Quality Connections, Limitless Availability

No matter where your employees are they can fully participate in conferencing, viewing presentations, and work sessions with ease. By utilizing a mobile phone solution your organization can put an end to missed calls and remain fully functional at all times no matter the location.