Collaborate Effectively

If you are using an office product for IM, subscription based audio conferencing, a third party service or app for video and/or desktop sharing, then that experience can't be easy. Third party collaboration tools and services may accomplish the basic results, but to experience a true unified collaboration solution is to achieve complete integration. Milner's unified communications platform from Mitel enables you to share information and collaborate effectively in any location with employees and customers using one client eliminating the need for third party platforms.

  • Enterprise Instant Messaging: IM provides real-time communications enabling employees to multi-task
  • Audio Conferecing: Provide multi-party audio bridge conferencing for your employees and customers
  • Collaboration: Share your desktop and/or presentations
  • Video Conferencing: Provide multi-party video calls
  • Mobility: Extend all these collaboration tools to your IOS or Android device
  • Teamwork: Project-based collaboration tool allows for efficient communication between team members

All You Need, Anywhere You Need It

We know that most business opportunities can't wait that's why we make it our business to find solutions to fit your needs. Our collaboration tools can be integrated across multiple devices allowing you to switch from your laptop or computer to your phone or tablet seamlessly. These improvements will enhance your overall communication experience and keep you connected to your team and resources at a moment's notice.

Increased Productivity and Team Engagement

Every business is different. Some more traditional, some more modern, and others may be in between, but the way you do business should not equate to disconnected, separated employees. A synchronized collaboration platform allows for your employees to work in harmony without geographical barriers or technological limitations.