Backup and Disaster Recovery

Threats in business can come from anywhere, physical and digital, and both can be equally damaging. Backup and recovery solutions is just as vital for companies as the data that they protect. Lost or destroyed information can slow down or even end an organization if not restored quickly.

Problems with Physical Storage

Many people are more skeptical of digital security measures than old fashion methods of protection such as file cabinets and hanging folders. However, securing data from the elements is not as simple as a lock on a door. Many dangers can harm information trapped in physical documents and there is no way to recover it once it has been lost.

  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Theft
  • Misplacement
  • Human Error

Back-up Solutions

Milner’s Document Management services allows organization to transfer documents into a virtual, more accessible content management system. However, digital hazards are just as menacing to a company’s health as physical threats. Hackers, system failure, and damaged servers can cause downtime at the very least.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Service ensures your company’s information is all duplicated and secured in our Tier 5 data facility. Our facility protects servers from the elements and unauthorized access, while providing quick recovery service in case of emergencies.

With Milner’s comprehensive contingency plan in place for your organization, you can have peace of mind concerning your critical digital resources during a disaster and our IT team will help you get back to normal daily operations as quickly as possible.