What is Cloud Computing? 

Cloud computing allows you to access, store, manage and process information via the internet, in lieu of a standalone application. Through cloud computing, the host provides software applications, servers, infrastructure, and other assets as a service, typically accessed over via web browsers. 


Why Cloud Computing with Milner Technology Services? 

We get it. You're busy and you don’t have time to mess around with new technology. So you’re asking why you should bother with Milner’s cloud services.

Secure data storage. We leverage the best security technology, like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, to ensure that your data is secure at all times, at rest and when being uploaded and downloaded to and from the cloud.

Tier 5 data facility. Your information is housed in our Tier-5 data facility, protected from natural disasters, theft, destruction and the general mayhem, encrypted to ensure security when the data is in transit and at rest on our servers.

Cost-effective and scalable. Cloud computing is a scalable and on-demand resource. You can increase or decrease bandwidth, users, etc. at will without the need to set up supporting infrastructure. A cloud-based office environment makes it easier to grow.

HIPAA Compliant. We provide HIPAA compliant solutions to ensure patient privacy at all times, a job we take seriously. Working with knowledgeable and HIPAA compliant businesses is the best way to ensure your practice stays compliant as well.

Access anything from anywhere. Files, software applications and anything else you put on the cloud is available as though you were in the office, providing today’s mobile workforce the flexibility to work out of office, accomplish more while traveling and keep your business operating during inclement weather.

By providing a more agile work space with greater resources, it’s easy to see why cloud computing easily surpasses the 20th century model of business computing. It has revolutionized the way we do business.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service allows you to outsource your IT infrastructure, the hardware and software that manage your network. This is a perfect opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to make themselves even more scalable, with the flexibility to add at will or downsize when needed.

IaaS includes: 

  • Virtualization of infrastructure components, including servers, desktops and software
  • System maintenance, backup and recovery planning
  • Automation of administrative tasks
  • Dynamic, on-demand scaling to accommodate growth
  • Policy-based services



Virtualization divides tangible infrastructure resources, partitioning them into multiple assets. This might be done with servers, desktops and even software applications. Using the server as an example, we would create multiple virtual servers housed in the same physical server box. These servers are then accessed through the cloud.

This virtualization can be done at every level, from virtual servers and infrastructure as a service to remote desktops and hosted applications. Even operating systems can be moved to the cloud.  


Simple yet Comprehensive

Our team can create a comprehensive infrastructure, partitioning information in a network according to your organization’s needs. Cloud services, infrastructure as a service and virtualization are some of the many ways Milner Technology Services can offer your company protection, peace of mind and reduced costs.