Miami, Florida

Business Technology Solutions

Miami, Florida

Business Technology Solutions

Milner Miami

Miami, Florida is home to Milner’s southernmost location, a lakeside office in the heart of one of the state’s busiest cities. Miami is a vibrant city with a thriving business community. Milner resides here to push the boundaries of technological solutions in business settings and help companies run more efficiently in South Florida.

Our diverse team of experts is here to help identify waste and provide solutions to streamline business production. Whether you are in the market for eco-friendly printers, the most innovative copiers, or advanced communications systems, Milner can help.

Our Miami team enjoys creating client appreciation events including dinners and cruise outings. We also provide lunch and learn seminars for potential clients to learn how to increase business productivity. Milner’s office shares space with a popular sports bar and is nearby to golf courses and walking trails along Osprey Lake.


Our Products & Services

Managed IT Services
Focus on your business while we keep your network secure and running with managed IT solutions you can trust

Document Management
Manage more than just documents, transform the flow of information with workflow solutions that simplify processes

Business Telephones
Stay connected to your business wherever you may be with reliable, integrated communication tools

Speech & Digital Dictation
Use the power of speech captured in real-time to enable fast, accurate dictation of medical and legal materials

Printers, Copiers, & Production
Manage all of your document output needs with office products and managed print service fit for your business.

What Our Clients Say

  • "Milner has not only provided excellent customer service but is now serving our document needs, telecommunication services, and managed IT services. Milner has been a huge asset to the efficiency of our medical practice."

    Medical Practice

  • "Milner handles several aspects of our company and they do it with outstanding customer service and people that really know their business."

    Healthcare Organization

  • "We have relied on Milner for decades. Service is always prompt, courteous and the technicians are second to none – always making our company feel like there is no other issue bigger than ours at the moment."

    Accounting Firm


Visit Us: 

Milner Miami Office
8669 NW 36th St. #300
Miami, FL 33166
(786) 594-3700
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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