The utilities industry in one that we all rely on, and we at Milner are proud to be able to offer practical solutions applicable to this essential area of business. Our services are designed to specifically help automate processes, improve workflow, and organize information with ease.

Maximize Automation

Managing hundreds or thousands of members across state lines translates to mounds of paperwork in the billing alone. Automating as many processes as possible is the only way to keep up with demand in the digital age of convenience. 

Optimize Workflow

To optimize expenses, it is necessary to optimize workflow solutions. To better help your industry, our workflow solutions and content management software were made to be seamlessly integrated with commonly used software such as SEDC, CAS, Daffron, and NISC. 

Enhance Technology

Outsourcing your needs to a company that specializes in IT services and robust office equipment is ideal. Outsourcing to a company with proven experience in these areas for national utility companies is better. Our team understands your needs and will work with you to help provide multiple areas of support. 

Virtual Conversion

Physical files and records can take up a lot of space in the office, even with an organized system of folders and cabinets. Our backfile scanning and document management service can digitize your content, making it easy to find, manageable, and move versatile than ever, not to mention greener and more economical. 

The resources that utility companies provide are invaluable in our modern world, but there are still many challenges facing the industry that prevent increasing profit and efficiency. Solving these problems on your own with a small staff and budget can be impractical, but by partnering with us you can take advantage of the newest technologies and innovation relevant to your business and member cooperative.