Manage More than Documents

All companies face the challenge of connecting customers, employees, and partners to the information they require. What if you had the ability to manage and automate your manual processes into a single platform – providing you solutions across your entire organization?

Milner’s document management solutions enable you to uncover the digital potential within your documents allowing you to transform physical content into usable intelligence allowing you to work smarter, faster, and more productively.

Take Control of Your Scattered Information

Milner has helped automate the burden of document processing for thousands of organizations. Our document management systems leverage the latest technology processes for capturing unstructured content in any form. With applications such as mobile capture, web-based capture, and print-to-archive, your organization will have the power to easily scan, intelligently index, and organize your data for easy access.

What we Have to Offer

With decades of experience and award-winning customer support, Milner is a leading national provider of enterprise content management solutions. As a SOC2 certified organization, Milner is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of client data.

With Milner, you can access your documents anytime, anywhere through secure channels and a number of productivity-improving capabilities:

  • Greater Access to Your Data - Access data anytime, anywhere ensuring staff members have the right information at the right time to do their jobs more efficiently
  • Superior Content Organization - Put an end to lost and misfiled documents. Scan and capture information
  • Fully Integrated with Existing Applications - Our solutions are designed to be easy to implement with your existing software
  • Sophisticated Search and Retrieval Functionality - Our software leverages Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, able to organize and filter your content easily.
  • Capture Content from Anywhere - Capture the information within your documents from multiple devices including your phone or desktop computer.
  • Highest Level of Security - With field-level encryption, encrypted storage and backup, your content is protected and secure, meeting federal information security requirements. 
  • Capture Content from Anywhere - Capture the information within your documents from multiple devices including your phone or desktop computer.
  • Track Document Access - Easily pull reports on all document actions, including printing, access, and modification. Easily located misplaced documents, re-route and audit the chain of custody for compliance issues. 

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Full-Service Document Management Solutions

Our DMS has everything you will need to transform your information and bring your documents into the digital age. All of our solutions are designed to help your company seamlessly transition to a functioning and efficient document system.

Industry and Department Solutions

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Government
  • Accounts Payable and Workflow Solutions
  • Backfile Scanning Solutions