Improve Business Flexibility with Workflow Driven eForms

Extend document automation effortlessly with eForms that eliminate inefficient paper-based processes. Converting your document applications to eForms can dramatically reduce your organization’s need for print related processes, and improve the efficiency of capturing and securing information. Editing forms, adding features, and updating information can all be completed with a few clicks and zero paper.

Minimize Waste and Effort

According to Gartner, 85% of all processes begin with a form. By using eForms instead of paper forms, you can digitize processes like signing, editing, and organizing documents while saving resources and time and reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

Paperless Paper Trails

When most people think of eForms, they think of a fillable PDF that is printed, signed, and either filed or scanned. A fillable PDF is not a “true” electronic form and cannot provide companies with an integrated solution for streamlining and automating key business processes.

When an eForm is submitted, the collected data can automatically be repopulated onto other forms virtually eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. Once the data is captured users can easily create and define workflow, tasks, and other data integrations with automated commands for routing eForm filed data for further actions. This includes sending email notifications and circulating for approval.

Digitize Workflow

Create company-specific web forms that gather only the relevant data needed, eliminating manual data entry, improving the quality of captured information, and allowing for real-time engagement with your audience.