Free Up More Time

In traditional offices, 40% of an employee’s time on the job is spent searching for documents which can add up to weeks of lost productivity annually. Milner’s document scanning service allows you to organize your backfile documents through scanning and converting records into a digital system smoothly and efficiently. 

Protect Your Information

Physical files are fragile and can be lost, damaged, or destroyed, which can put valuable information at risk. Our SOC compliant services team works in our secure conversion facility or in your office to safely convert your paper into your content management system in an organized and easily accessible, protected network.

Document Retention and Preservation

Holding on to documents for longer than necessary can expose risks to liability and legal problems regarding confidential information. Natural disasters as well as general deterioration from the elements can also mean lost and irretrievable information trapped on worn documents. Storing content digitally can give you peace of mind that your content is safe behind virtual locks and encryption access codes instead of in poor conditions that could be easily damaged by environmental factors.

Benefits of Milner’s Service

Milner has scanned over 30 million pages to date, including documents for educational institutions, healthcare systems, and community-based service agencies. Our service allows for scalability and the option to have documents scanned by us in your own facility as well as our secured off-site space. We utilize the most innovative and high-powered scanners to ensure your project or ongoing service is done efficiently and as quickly as possible.