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K-12 teachers and administrators are inundated with increased paperwork associated with state and federal mandates to increase student achievement. Milner offers a wide range of solutions to improve classroom efficiency with document workflow and testing/grading solutions that integrate with student information systems that provide faster accessibility to tracking student progress. Lexmark’s Education Station stations provide schools with a hosted and Web-based testing/grading solution that allows teachers to print test bubble sheets, grade them and compile individual and classroom results in the classroom using a Lexmark MFP. Additionally, document management solutions can improve stewardship of student testing and information to keep student, parents, administrators and bureaucrats informed. From small tutoring centers to large school systems, Milner provides solutions to aid classroom and front office efficiency and reduce waste. In the back office, solutions to improve workflow for purchasing, account payable and other functions, frees up money and resources for allocation to other resources. Partnerships with Ricoh/Lanier, Konica Minolta, Lexmark and Samsung have allowed Milner to help schools and school systems of all sizes get the results that matter.