Transform the Flow of Information

In the information age, digitizing documents is critical for enabling better access to data, and ensuring that information is always in the right place at the right time, without hassle. ImageDirector workflow software allows companies to streamline the flow of information and eliminate bottlenecks by automating the process of recognizing and capturing content.

Real-time Functionality

ImageDirector workflow is intelligent business process management, routing your critical data directly where you need them, when you need them, with precision and flexibility. Content management systems with workflow use automation to ensure efficient data flows while eradicating the need for oversight. With real-time monitoring, tracking and reporting, documents are managed with ease.

Business Applications

Multiple industries can benefit from our innovative workflow software by improving the organization and flow of information. Our scaleable solution is simple to use and allows you to quickly identify errors, keep track of processes, and structure content according to your needs. Automating processes eliminates human error and oversight.

Digitize Workflow

  • Payment Processing: Maximize the efficiency of payment processing with the latest technologies to automate tasks and reduce mistakes. ImageDirector combined with Active Remittance software also reduces unapplied checks and unnecessary calls, while improving A/A productivity as much as 70%.
  • AP Invoice Workflow: Electronically processing invoices typically costs 30% less than paper-based methods. Our AP workflow solution means prompt payment discounts with enhanced management tools and improve regulatory compliance to increase overall efficiency.
  • HR Automation: Human resource departments generate massive amounts of paperwork regarding confidential payroll information. Having the ability to instantly access files enables HR to respond faster to employee request and ensure that information is properly routed and secured.
  • Healthcare: Today’s healthcare industry is overloaded with sensitive information that needs to be handled under the notion of the fewer eyes the better. By automating the process of entering the data, healthcare practices can run their document systems smoothly and securely.

End Bottlenecks

Manually entering information can create severely bottleneck your workflow and often lead to misfiled records and errors. We will work hard to provide your company with an optimal workflow solution that will increase efficiency and help you meet your goals.