Automatically Transform Information

Time and information are both critical resources in healthcare settings but often they come in conflict with one another. Milner’s transcription services offers organizations an economical solution to improve the quality of both for medical professionals. Our services let physicians to significantly reduce their workload while allowing them more time to devote to patients and more complicated clinical tasks.


Convenient and Efficient

All you have to do is speak the words into a recorder and our team takes care of the rest. Our dedicated transcriptionists are extensively trained in medical terminology, combined with our innovative software can produce accurate, complex documents with quick turnaround. In addition, we provide our clients with access to real-time workflow reports for ease of mind, and integral, verifiable billing methods.


Secure Information

Your transcribed documents are securely transferred into a formatted file of your choice for you easily find information quickly and effectively. All Milner employees are HIPPA compliant to ensure any and all information that enters our facilities are properly protected.


  • Easy, secure access: Your documents can be quickly accessed by classified personnel via custom computer interfacing. Our service also lets you see the progress of your documents through color coded, real-time workflow reports. 
  • Integrity in Billing: Milner follows the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance (MTIA) billing methods to keep our clients informed with verifiable, measurable, consistent and accurate receipts, whether proposed or existing.  
  • Quality documents: Our transcriptionists create complex documents that capture all the essential information your practice needs in the timeframe that you need it.


Eliminate the hassle

Our transcriptionists currently generate more than 30 million lines of medical documentation every year for multiple healthcare industry organizations including hospital systems and local clinics. Employing our expert transcription services gives you the ability to grow your organization and focus on providing excellent patient care.